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The steering and suspension systems are important safety-related systems that largely affect the ride and handling of your vehicle.  


The suspension system interacts with the steering system to provide vehicle control. When working properly, the suspension system helps absorb the energy from road irregularities such as potholes and helps to maintain vehicle stability. The steering system transmits your input from the steering wheel to the steering gear and other steering components to control the car’s direction.

If you notice that your vehicle pulls to one side, you hear a scraping or popping noise while turning, vibration or bouncing while driving, your car “nose-dives” during braking, you have uneven tire wear or loss of power steering, you probably have an issue with your suspension or steering system or one of its components and should have your vehicle inspected.

Over time, steering and suspension components wear out and require replacement. Regular checks are critical to maintain a safe car, and a wheel alignment should be performed once a year. Because everything in the car is connected, a problem with the suspension or steering can lead to other problems and put additional stress on other components and systems. You may need shocks, struts, control arms, sway bar links, ball joints, power steering pump, or a power steering fluid flush. Suspension problems can also be particularly rough on tires, which can become dangerous and expensive to replace.


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