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What You Need To Know About Car Tire Safety And Maintenance (How To Take Care Of Your Tires)

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Tires play an essential role in the safety of your automobile and well-maintained tires add to its ease of operation but to work properly they require ongoing maintenance. By following these suggestions you can increase the lifespan of your tires and save substantial money.

Check Tires Monthly

Checking your tires monthly will provide optimal performance. First, regularly check your tire pressure using a tire pressure gauge. Begin by removing the tire valve cap and placing the gauge securely over the valve stem. The indicator will record the pressure in the tire. The correct pressure recommendation for your car can be found on the driver’s side door jamb.

A visual inspection should also be conducted to observe signs of uneven wear on the tires. Overinflated tires will have the majority of wear in the center of the tire. Underinflated tires will wear more quickly on the outer edges of the tire. Excess wear on the tire’s edges could mean the car’s wheels are out of alignment. A wheel that is not balanced or has failed suspension components will have erratic wear on the tires.

Check the Treads

Pay attention to your tire treads. A quick way to see if your tires are wearing thin is to use a quarter. Insert the quarter with the top of Washington's head facing down. If the top of his head is not visible this means your treads are fine and meet the 4/32 inch requirement. You can continue driving on these tires. However, if there is space showing above his head, it is time to replace the tires to ensure a safe ride.

Listening and Feeling Problems

When driving listen to your car. It may be sending you valuable information. A car that makes thumping noises or is vibrating more than normal may indicate tires that are out of balance and need rebalancing. A car that pulls to one side is an indication of trouble. A pull can mean your tires are underinflated and need more air. It can also mean the tires are not aligned correctly or that there is an issue with the car’s brakes.


Many procedures fall under the required maintenance category. Optimal care and safety can be achieved by following the following suggestions:

  1. Tire Rotation-The front and back tires on your car have different loads and functions. To ensure your tires are wearing evenly it is best to rotate your tires every 5,000-7,000 miles.

  2. Tire Balancing-Balancing your tires will prevent uneven wear and extend the life of your tires. Balancing should be performed every two years and also any time your tire is removed from its wheel and reinstalled.

  3. Wheel Alignment-Every car comes with recommended alignment settings. When your car does not fall within the prescribed range you will notice uneven wearing on the tires as well as difficulty in handling your vehicle. Have the tires realigned when you feel a difference in handling the car or whenever you have new tires installed?

These tire adjustments are jobs for professionals. However, having an understanding of warning signs can get you to the service center more quickly before significant damage can result. Spending a little time observing and maintaining your tires will protect you, your passengers, and others on the road. It will also extend the life of your tres and thus save you money which is always a welcome strategy.

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