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What To Keep In Your Car For Road Trips

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When planning a road trip, it is wise to pack your car with items that will keep you safe in the event of emergencies and grant you peace of mind because you are prepared. This article will offer some suggestions on what to bring along to make your trip more enjoyable and less stressful.

Passenger's Comfort

Long car trips can be stressful so preparing ahead can help everyone stay calm and collected. Keeping water and snacks handy will keep everyone hydrated and help avoid too many stops along the way that will slow the trip down. Multiple cell phone chargers are a good way to minimize conflict over which phone needs more of a charge. A first aid kit with basic medical supplies can be helpful for minor health issues. Headphones provide a break from the other passengers and give others a break from your not-so-interesting podcasts. In today’s Covid- looming environment it is a good idea to pack plenty of hand sanitizer, face masks, and protective latex gloves. Other welcome items include small travel pillows and a few lightweight blankets to provide comfort as you nap.

Passenger’s Safety

Download a navigation app that works. A navigation app provides various routes available to get to your desired destination. They also provide important information on the location of gas stations, restrooms, local restaurants, and other attractions close to your current location using GPS technology. A hands-free phone mount is essential for easily viewing the suggested navigation route. Another item to pack that would aid in the safety of the passengers in the car would be a tactical or home defense flashlight. There are many types of these flashlights and all of them offer superior lighting capabilities. A small version that can fit in your pocket is ideal for travel and has the power to light up an area as far away as 600 feet.

Keep It Legal

Never leave the house, especially when taking a road trip, without important legal documents. A current driver’s license is a necessity. Also, automobile insurance and an updated registration card are required to drive legally.

Safety On The Road

Comfort is important on a road trip but nothing is more important than safety. Traveling changes your normal routines and often this results in lost or missing items. Keeping an extra set of car keys handy can be a real help. Additionally, pack your car’s instruction manual so problems can more easily be remedied. Other invaluable items to pack to keep you safe are jumper cables in case your battery loses its charge, a gallon of antifreeze for an overheated engine, a few quarts of motor oil, and an emergency hazard kit complete with flares or warning triangles.

Whenever and wherever you travel it is imperative you pack essential items that will keep you safe and alert as well as comfortable during your trip. Everyone will be less stressed knowing they are prepared for whatever comes their way.

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