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How To Inspect and Chech Your Oil

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Your car’s oil is a very important ingredient. Its main function is to lubricate the various parts of your car that are in constant contact. This contact creates friction which results in wear and tears on individual parts. Engine oil reduces friction and extends the life of all car parts.

How Often Do You Need To Change Your Oil?

Older cars are more prone to oil leaks so they need to be inspected more frequently than newer cars. Generally, checking the oil in a car is a monthly task. However, in older cars or when you suspect your car is losing oil it is best to run a test. Every week for one month checks and record your oil level. If, over those four weeks, your oil level is dropping you can be certain you have a problem and need professional service.

Preparing To Check Your Oil

There is not much to do to prepare for an oil level check. Park your car on even ground with the car turned off. Open your car's hood and locate the oil reservoir known as the crankcase. It is easy to locate the crankcase because the cover has an oil can symbol on its top. Pull out the dipstick located within the oil tank and wipe it clean with a rag. On the stick will be two lines. The lower line may have the word ADD to indicate oil needs to be added if the level is equal to or below this line. The upper line may read FULL indicating the tank is full and no additional oil is required.

Performing An Oil Level Test

To check the car’s oil level, push the dipstick all the way into the reservoir and remove it to see the current oil level. If oil is needed add one quart of quality motor oil and then wait a few minutes and repeat the reading. If, after adding a quart of oil, the oil level falls between the two lines there is adequate oil to continue running the car.

Feel Your Fuel

When checking your oil level be certain to take a moment to feel the texture of your oil. If it feels smooth it is probably clean so any needed oil can be added to the oil tank. However, if the oil feels gritty it means the oil s dirty and it is time for an oil change. An oil change empties all the oil from the tank and replaces it with clean oil. During an oil change, the oil filter will also be replaced.

Do Not Ignore Your Oil

It is recommended you change your car’s oil every 3,000 miles. It is very important to follow this schedule because if you ignore your oil there are serious consequences. The first consequence is your car’s warranty may be voided for not maintaining your car. Second, you will experience engine malfunctions which can leave you stranded on the road. The worst consequence is you will experience a total engine failure. If this occurs your only recourse is to purchase an entirely new engine.

To keep your car running in optimal condition the oil in your car must be monitored and maintained on a regular schedule. The oil keeps all the moving parts running smoothly and maintains a safe temperature to minimize wear and tear. Wise drivers understand and adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations for their cars and save themselves considerable money and headaches down the road.

Need Automotive Service in Franklin, Tennessee?

Did you know we have been serving the automotive needs of Franklin residents for many years? Finding reliable and trustworthy car repair is a part of every family’s story. We do not want to empty your wallet. We will not sell you something that is not necessary. We pride ourselves in building a trusting relationship with each customer and their vehicle. Every issue you encounter with your car is a new opportunity to ensure your vehicle is safe and that you are happy with our service. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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