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Here Are Five Things Every Car Owner Needs

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Regardless of your experience as a car owner, there will always be unforeseeable problems so wise drivers prepare for emergencies in advance. There are many products that would be useful in an emergency situation but in this article, the five most valuable items will be discussed.

Owner’s Manuel and Other Important Paperwork

Regardless of what problem arises, having your owner’s manual in the car for quick reference is invaluable. If your car is overheating, you will need to know where the radiator is located so fresh coolant can be added. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to fix an issue but not knowing how the car operates. Other important paperwork includes a current car registration, updated car insurance, and, of course, a valid driver’s license all add up to a safe and well-looked-after car.

Spare Tire

Spare tires are tires supplied by the manufacturer to use as an emergency replacement should one of the four permanent tires experience a puncture. In the past, cars were equipped with a full-sized tire, a lug wrench, and a jack. In an effort by car manufacturers to boost mileage, other options are becoming more popular. A donut spare is a space-saving spare tire that is smaller than regular car tires. Another popular option is to have run-flat tires which are designed to continue running even if the tire completely losses air. There are limitations to run-flat tires though. You can only travel at 50 miles per hour or less and can only go 50 miles which is enough to get you to a service station to have the tire repaired. More recently cars are coming out of production without spare tires but instead have sealant kits included. Unfortunately, sealant kits will not work if the cause of the flat tire is due to a slash or if the issue is related to the tire’s sidewall. The good news is tire kits are available and include a tire and the necessary tools to install it.

Emergency Supplies

Not only will an emergency kit for the driver come in handy with items such as food, water, and a blanket, an emergency kit for the car is essential. Windshield wiper fluid, antifreeze, a few quarts of oil, heat-proof gloves, a small towel, and a flashlight are the basics you will need. Also, flares or reflective triangles can be used to warn other drivers they are in an emergency situation and may need help.

Jumper Cables

There is nothing more disappointing or frustrating than getting into a car with a dead battery. If you own jumper cables and can find a passerby who is willing to help you, within five minutes you could be back on the road. To correctly use jumper cables position your car close to the working car and open both car hods. Attach a red cable first to the positive side of the dead battery. Next, attach the other red clamp to the positive side of the working car’s battery. Next, attach the black clamp to the negative side of the running car and then locate a metal component on the dead car’s engine block. The cables will transfer energy from the working car to the dead car and allow the dead car to start. If there is no one around to jump your car you can repeat the above steps using a jump box as the working vehicle.

Tool Kit

A basic automobile tool repair kit is an essential item to carry in your car. It should contain the following items:

WD-40 which is used to clean, degrease, and remove rust from auto parts amongst other repairs


Adjustable wrench

Hex Key

Spark plug wrench

Socket Set


Having a basic set of car tools handy will provide peace of mind and will save the day for some common automobile emergencies.

You never know when an emergency will arise whether running around town or on long trips. Wise drivers plan ahead and stock their cars with emergency equipment so that when trouble arises they are able to help themselves until professional help is available. With basic knowledge of car maintenance, they can get themselves back on the road quickly and feel confident their car is safe to drive.

Need Automotive Service in Franklin, Tennessee?

Did you know we have been serving the automotive needs of Franklin residents for many years? Finding reliable and trustworthy car repair is a part of every family’s story. We do not want to empty your wallet. We will not sell you something that is not necessary. We pride ourselves in building a trusting relationship with each customer and their vehicle. Every issue you encounter with your car is a new opportunity to ensure your vehicle is safe and that you are happy with our service. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!


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