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Every time you come to Heavensent Automotive, we will check your service needs and inform you of your vehicle’s manufacturer-recommended service intervals.  Every time you come in for an oil change or another service, you will receive a complimentary courtesy inspection. As part of that, we determine whether it is due for any scheduled manufacturer-recommended service.


There are factory recommended services based on the age or miles on your automobile. Also, there are sometimes when service is needed based on the wear and tear your car is showing.  Keeping up with the necessary factory maintenance schedules are essential to prolonging the life of your vehicle, whether it be oil changes, spark plugs, air filters, cabin air filters, fuel filters, PCV valves, distributors, or fluid flushes.


Our experienced technicians use the latest methods and technologies to diagnose and repair our customers’ vehicles and are committed to making them feel informed and confident about their auto service. We want to build a relationship with you, your family and your vehicles!


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