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We understand that purchasing a vehicle is a big investment in today’s economy. We also understand that if you are buying a used or pre-owned vehicle, there may be some uncertainty in knowing if the vehicle is in sound condition mechanically and safe to drive. We want you to be safe in your vehicle and make an informed decision when purchasing a vehicle.


We highly recommend having a pre-purchase inspection performed on a used vehicle that you are thinking about purchasing. An inspection is the best “insurance” to ensure you are making an informed decision. Being aware of any safety issues or problems before you purchase a vehicle can save you a lot of money.  You can use any problems found or maintenance recommendations made by our qualified technicians to negotiate a better price. If major issues or problems are found in the inspection, you can avoid purchasing a vehicle that is in need of costly repairs and is unsafe to drive.


We will inspect your vehicle to determine if it has been regularly maintained, whether the parts and systems are in good and safe condition, whether there are any malfunction codes stored in memory, whether there is frame damage or other visible structural damage, and let you know how much life is left on the brakes, tires, belts, hoses, fluids, etc. We will let you know any issues found and give you an estimate of how much any repairs would be, plus let you know of any upcoming required services.


Let us conduct a pre-purchase inspection of the vehicle you are considering. We want you and your family members to make a good decision about purchasing any vehicle, but most importantly, want you to be safe!


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