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Beyond the battery, we tend to think of our cars as very mechanical things.  But your vehicle is very dependent on a working electrical system. When the electrical system in your vehicle malfunctions, the problems are usually so prominent that you notice right away. The headlights or interior lights will not turn on or seem dim, the stereo does not work, or power windows and door locks fail to operate. In some cases, the car itself may have difficulty starting or will not start at all. Some electrical problems are more subtle than others, but some may have cause issues that only happen some of the time.  Electrical issues could be as simple as a bulb, a fuse or corroded wire or cable, but they also can also require the replacement of a starter, alternator, wiring harnesses or sensors.


An important warning sign that you have a major issue with your electrical system, and should not be ignored, is a burning smell which could quickly become a potentially dangerous issue.


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