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You have seen the lights on your dashboard; Check Engine, Service Engine Soon, ABS, Maintenance Required, Seat Belt, Airbag or maybe just an outline of an engine or transmission. These are all warning lights to indicate a problem in the computer controls for that system or device. When the light comes on or starts flashing, it indicates that the computer has identified a problem in that system and needs to be diagnosed.


But there is a serious misconception and one that could be costly if you do not get your vehicle properly diagnosed. A lot of people are under the impression that, when the light comes on, the code stored in the computer system tells you what is wrong with the car. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our technicians know the difference between a computer code and computer diagnostics. They understand that a code is just an indicator, and they know how to use that indicator to guide them to the root cause of the problem.


There are several parts stores and code readers being sold that can retrieve codes. These diagnostic trouble codes only indicate that the computer is receiving a signal that’s outside of normal range. It could mean there is a problem with the sensor, but it could mean something else entirely. Replacing the indicated sensor without further diagnosis may have you spending money on something that is not really needed.


We can trace down any diagnostic code and determine what repairs are needed, so you do not end up spending money on a part that is not going to fix your vehicle. Without the right equipment, you probably don’t know what your check engine light means. Many things can cause this light to turn on. Our tools can decipher what is happening with your vehicle and tell you what needs attention and give you an estimate on any repair.


If you make the decision to repair your vehicle with us, you will receive on 3 year/36,000 mile, parts and labor, nationwide warranty on most repairs. We always strive to make long-lasting repairs and stand behind them with our warranty.


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